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Name:Patrick "Rick" McCormiack
Rick is an eighteen year old young man on the cusp of graduating high school.

His life is complicated and he is trying to figure it all out still. That part of who he is right now is actually pretty normal for a young man.

When he was twelve years old his mother passed away from a long illness. It was around that time that he discovered several truths about the world and his family. magic is real. His Mother came from a long line of magic practitioners. They had been mostly good with a few rare exceptions. His Mother was considered one of the more pure practitioners as she was a very gentle soul.

He also found out that his father hadn't abandoned him like he had started to assume at that age. Rick couldn't remember a thing about his father. What he learned was that his father had been murdered by the man his fatherhad thought of as best friend and his mother had taken Rick and ran away. Rick ended up being sent to live with his grandparents who he had never recalled meeting. They were kind loving people who were pleased to get to see him though saddened by the loss of their daughter. His grandfather instructed him in magic. He learned early on a simple truth all magic has a price. The universe demands balance.

At this point he has been learning how to use magic since he moved in with his grandparents. He is best at illusions and with the right materials he has become a fair hand at brewing potions. Rick has only recently mastered conjuring fire and is trying to master conjuring lightning.

He loves music. He enjoys flirting with girls at school. He just has no idea what he wants after he graduates. There is pressure to really put himself into the "magical" world. To abandon the mundane. He isn't sure if he wants that.

Still he does have one hobby that he won't give up even if he entirely abandons a mundane life. He plays lots of Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. He prefers to play Paladins and Fighters as they are so very different than what his life is actually like.
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